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Ministers' Association

New Life Ministry has an association of churches and a minister's association which licenses and ordains pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and anyone in the ministry. As of this year we have licensed or ordained over 80 men and women as ministers.  To these the ministry provides licensing or ordination with certificates, plus help when needed.  Semi-yearly ministers meetings are held for the ministers of the organization to unite to share ideas, receive instruction, and fellowship. The ministry’s newsletter lists evangelists who are open for revivals.  New Life Ministries is proud of the ministers involved in the association.   The association offers a program for ministers to receive license.  These are valid for a year, but can be renewed after a year upon request.  The ministry also is able to set forth ordained ministers with all the rights they are entitled to (being able to perform marriages, etc.).  Ordination is only for those ministers in an established ministry, active in their work. There is no charge for liscencing or ordination. For ministries or churches to belong to the church association, the ministry or church leader needs to be ordained by New Life. For more information about the church and ministry assoication, see the link to the left.

Application Process

The ministers are required to fill out applications, provide three references and go through a screening process to be able to be licensed.  They have to read and accept our Biblical doctrinal stand listed in what we believe.  Click the link to the left to find the application form.

If you are a church seeking to belong to a nondenominational organization, or a minister, evangelist, missionary, or other worker seeking licensing or ordination, contact New Life Church and Ministries.

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